Why the blog?

30 Mar

Ok, so first off, my name is Tiffany.

I am 29, almost 30 years old, with two Children. I live in Southern Florida. I have been overweight for say, 10 years since my first child was born. I just gained a lot of weight with her and never got it off before having my son 2 years later. I had him, lost his baby weight and was back to the weight I was before I got pregnant with him (150 lbs). Well I’ve been persuing surrogacy and cycled twice for IVF, only to have two failed transfers and gained 20 lbs that I can’t seem to shake. I saw on one of the surrogacy boards some info about the HCG diet drops and how they have helped several girls lose baby or cycling weight relatively quickly. I did a bunch of reading and Youtube searches and decided to try it. I ordered it last Saturday the 26th of March and I got it today, the 30th of March. I’ve already started the drops and will be eating shortly as you are not allowed to eat or drink within 15 minutes before or after the drops.

So, with that I’m going to put in my “before” picture also my week 1 photo (same one) and my current weight and measurements so I can keep an eye on my progress electronically. Cheers to losing weight!!


Weight 172.0 lbs.

Bust (around breasts)-             44 inches
Belly (around belly button)- 45 inches
Hips (around butt too)-           44 inches
Thighs (top)-                                21 inches
Arms (top)-                                  12 inches

(I measured everything not knowing where exactly I am going to lose the weight, this will help!!)

AKA Week 1

Before AKA Week 1 Pic